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by Agnes Linsay - 1 day ago

From the goofy Kickstarter file: The Spoonie

CROWDFUNDING NEWS – For those who want to cuddle but have an unnatural fear of pins and needles comes The Spoonie.  It’s a tube-shaped pillow that you can slip over your arm so it doesn’t fall asleep while you’re cuddling your partner.  According to...

by Agnes Linsay - 1 day ago

Apple AirTag teardown (Video)

The new Apple AirTag launched recently, it is designed to be a tracking device that you can attach to your keys and other things you might lose. The video below from JerryRigEverything gives us a look inside the new AirTag and we get to see hyow...

by Agnes Linsay - 2 days ago

AI Could Be Used To Help Reduce Food Wastage

How often have you bought food from the grocery store but you don’t end up finishing it. Instead, you might eat it halfway and then forget about it and throw it away because it has gone bad. We’re sure that many of us have experienced th...