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by Agnes Linsay - 1 week ago

Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

hey guys, I wanted to do something that could help people to get into a more eco-friendly lifestyle targeting people who are adopting to a certain extend or started their interest in helping the earth. just a show of hands, would anyone be open to p...

by Agnes Linsay - 1 week ago

Dutch Politicians Tricked By Deepfake Video Chat

Deepfake videos have become quite a big concern. This is because not only do these videos have the potential to mislead the public, but it can also be used for even more nefarious purposes, like pretending to be someone else. Unfortunately, that&rsq...

by Agnes Linsay - 1 week ago

These Are The Release Dates For The New iPad Pros

Last week, Apple announced their new iPad Pros. The company stated that customers can pre-order the tablets on the 30th of April, but stopped short of providing an actual release date except to say the second half of May. However, leakster Jon Pross...