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by Agnes Linsay - 14 hours ago

WaterSong Kitchen Sink Faucet review

REVIEW – Something as simple as a kitchen faucet may not seem like an exciting subject unless you happen to have a terrible one. The WaterSong Kitchen Sink Faucet review offer was the chance to get rid of the kitchen faucet that I hated. Keep readi...

by Agnes Linsay - 15 hours ago

From the Goofy Indiegogo files: The Airodome

CROWDFUNDING NEWS – For those that want to look like a cross between Robbie the Robot and a beekeeper comes the Airodome. This is a helmet that sucks air in through a beanbag-like filter on top of your head and promises a wide array of things that...

by Agnes Linsay - 17 hours ago

Motus Orbit fitness hula hoop and portable gym

The Motus Orbit+ fitness Hula Hoop is a new style of fitness experience offering a portable and effective workout for your thirty core muscles, including abdominal, glutes, thighs, and lower back muscle. Created by the development team at Motus...