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by Agnes Linsay - 3 months ago

Never Put Your Grill in This One Place, Experts Warn

<p>Summer's officially here, meaning long sunny days, trips to the beach, and plenty of opportunities to gather friends and family for a barbecue in the backyard. While keeping grills a safe distance away from your home and out of reach of...

by Agnes Linsay - 3 months ago

LPT Taking Risks

So I am adjusting to life in my 40’s and as I do I look back at my life with so much regret. I dropped out of college, I stayed in unhealthy relationships, and I struggled with substance abuse from ages 18-39 off and on. Now that I’ve been sober and...

by Agnes Linsay - 3 months ago

LPT rental car return

LPT: when dropping off a rental car, take pictures of the exterior and mileage. I dropped off a car at the Smudgit at the St Louis airport and they sent me a bill a month later for $1000 to cover the damages they attributed to me. When I told them it...