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by Agnes Linsay - 3 hours from now

LPT: widen your stance

Idc what you're doing. You'll be doing it better with your feet firmly planted at about shoulder's width or just a bit wider. There are very few exceptions to this. submitted by /u/realKingCarrot [link] [comments]

by Agnes Linsay - 1 hour from now

LPT: Don’t rely on plan B if you weigh over 165lbs.

Plan B can be effective at preventing pregnancy. But it becomes less effective if the woman weighs over 165lbs and stops working entirely over 175lbs. The average weight of women over 20 in the USA is 170.6lbs. This means plan B is less effective for...

by Agnes Linsay - 1 hour from now

LPT Killer Spreadsheet Tips

MS Excel / Google Sheets Crtl-; (semicolon) to stamp current date in a spreadsheet cell. Ctrl-SHIFT-; to stamp current time. Cells should be formatted for date or time. Bonus spreadsheet formula =(C3-B3)*24 B3 is start time C3 is end time Formula con...