By Agnes Linsay

by Agnes Linsay - 12 hours ago

Can I Learn to Actually Like Running in a Month?

This year, Lifehacker’s senior health editor, Beth Skwarecki, opened up her regular “Lifehacker Fitness Challenge” to the entire staff. We could each pick a month, she said, and tackle a personal fitness goal, bringing our readers along on our journey to physical and mental improvement. In the brain...

by Agnes Linsay - 13 hours ago

Get a Free 12-Pack of Coors Hard Seltzer Because Why Not, It's Free

Instead of the usual filing deadline of April 15, we have an additional month to procrastinate this year, until May 17. Your post-Tax-Day plans might involve drinking some alcohol, so you might be interested in an offer from Coors that’s giving away free 12-packs of their hard seltzer. Here’s what y...

by Agnes Linsay - 13 hours ago

DOOGEE S86 smartphone review – a tank, both in build and size

REVIEW – Are you in the market for a phone that lasts two or even three days without recharging? Do you also find yourself in an environment where you’re splashed or immersed in liquids frequently? Do you mind carrying something the size and weight of a baby hippopotamus in your pocket? Should I s...