By Agnes Linsay

by Agnes Linsay - 2020 years ago

LPT: If you own an iPhone or iPad and use Safari, activate the Safari Reader by default. It will remove all Cookie Popups, Ads, self-starting Videos on News Articles and any other annoying popup you usually click away anyway. Relevant pictures and links r

If you don't know how to activate the reader mode by default, follow this quick guide: Go to settings Scroll down to Safari Scroll down to the bottom and click "Reader" Toggle "Automatically use Reader on: All sites" It will start reader every time when reader is available....

by Agnes Linsay - 2020 years ago

LPT: If you're taking classes on Zoom, always leave your camera on and answer the teachers' questions as much as possible. Teaching is harder than ever with no live student feedback; professors will REALLY appreciate participation and remember your name a

For context, I am a 21-year-old college student. Although normally I'm the one taking classes rather than teaching them, I've had a part-time-job for the last few summers teaching math to kids, and this summer I'm doing it on Zoom for the first time. After my college went online last sem...