By Agnes Linsay

by Agnes Linsay - 13 hours ago

14 Reasons Fashion People Are Currently Shopping At Nike

To recap the Fashion Girl Problems we've discovered during quarantine, 1) you can dress for yourself while also missing dressing for an audience; 2) denim and most non-house-clothes are in hibernation; and 3) it's just not the same being unable to exercise the full range of your closet. But whi...

by Agnes Linsay - 13 hours ago

Cindy Crawford Wore Skinny Jeans With Sensational Nordstrom Reviews

Cindy Crawford's style in her 50s is the epitome of California cool—which shouldn't be surprising considering that she lives in Malibu. She knows exactly how to put together outfits that are chill yet polished at the same time. Photographed in sunny SoCal, Crawford made skinny jeans and flip-flops l...