24 Sequin Holiday Tops That Are Actually Cool

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by Agnes Linsay 8 Views comments

You're in good hands with this one, folks: I'm basically 75% woman, 25% magpie. If you ask me, the #1 one thing to wear to a holiday event or (even the more intimate gatherings we're having this year) is jeans and a sequin top with an amazing pair of heels or flats. It's an easy yet festive outfit formula you can wear year after year. Retailers will soon be stocked full of chic sparkly tops for this exact purpose, and since the whole '80s "extra" look is so big this season (love it or hate it), the selection is particularly plentiful. Whether you have a Zara budget or a designer one, you're in luck with this roundup, which I'll admit to having a great time putting together. My only hope is that you have as much fun wearing your chosen sequin holiday top as I did shopping for them. Keep scrolling to shop your new festive holiday season staple.

Like your favorite T-shirt, but a million times more fun.

This pattern is absolutely stunning.

Take a cut from the model and style this with suit pants.

This easy turtleneck makes sequins simple.

16arlington does statement pieces like no one else.

Are you as obsessed with this asymmetric neckline as I am?

An easy and understated approach to sequins.

It's called maximalism; ever heard of it?

You have to see the back of this cool top.

Show off those shoulders.

May I also suggest the matching pants?

Festive, but not overly flashy.

Now you know this one looks good with black jeans.

For the perfect tucked-in fit.

A step above all your other blazers.

How pretty are these bow-tie straps though?

Next up, 14 casual-meets-convivial outfits to get us in the holiday spirit.

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